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Analgosedation is a type of superficial anesthesia recommended for patients with certain medical conditions, very young children and those suffering from dental anxiety. In other words, analgosedation is the solution for patients in whom the treatment of dental conditions in the classical way involves major difficulties.

The analgesia procedure is carried out by specialized personnel, respectively by a team consisting of an anesthesiologist and anesthesia nurse.

Analgosedation involves the intravenous administration of some drugs with the aim of reducing the patient's cognitive functions, so that he can tolerate, in comfortable conditions, the dental intervention. The patient will be in a state generically called "between sleep and reality", his connection with the doctor being maintained.

During the entire period of anesthesia, the patient's vital functions are monitored, in order to promptly detect and treat any deviation from normal physiological parameters. The duration of analgosedation is, on average, one hour, at the end of which the patient is conscious.

Prior to the analgesia procedure, the patient's state of health is evaluated through medical analyses, being important his pathological antecedents, chronic and acute diseases present, administered treatments, allergies and anesthetic antecedents. The patient also receives strict instructions regarding the diet to follow both before and after the procedure.

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