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Treatment of dental caries

Caries have affected human teeth since ancient times. Cavities are caused by a certain type of microbes in the oral cavity that we take over immediately after birth, as babies, from our mothers.

With the eruption of the teeth and depending on the food consumed and the sugar level of the ingested products, communities of bacteria that can produce caries are formed on the surface of the teeth. In determining the method of treatment of dental caries, it will be followed whether the lesion is an incipient cavity caries , if it is a secondary or primary caries.

  • Incipient cavities appear as whitish spots on the surface of the teeth, which indicates an area of enamel demineralization. In this case, a remineralization treatment is recommended, without the need to clean the caries with a bur or fill them.
  • Cavity caries are noticed by the fact that the lesion has already created a cavity in the dentin, not only in the enamel, which will require a thorough cleaning and the application of a filling or filling.
  • Secondary cavities form at the edge of or underneath existing fillings or dental work. Secondary caries are caused either by fractured fragments from older fillings or by the fact that infected tissues have not been removed. Secondary caries can also appear under dental crowns, bridges or removable prostheses that are old or have not been properly adapted. In this case, it is recommended to completely remove the fillings or dental work as well as the infected tissues. Finally, a new filling or dental crown will be applied.

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