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Aligning the teeth and placing them in the correct position of the jaws by wearing braces

Orthodontics represents the dental treatments that ensure the alignment of the teeth and their placement in the correct position of the jaws, by wearing dental appliances. In this way, not only an aesthetic problem is solved, but also a dental health problem, as crowded or misaligned teeth can create long-term dental and gum problems.

Orthodontic appliances are accessible to children from the age of 7. Contrary to assumptions, it is never too late to wear braces, on the contrary, they can be worn and are recommended even in adulthood. In addition, orthodontic dental treatment is recommended because, in the long term, malformations favor the formation of tartar, the appearance of caries and may cause the appearance of functional defects (difficulty in mastication, speaking and breathing).

Like any medical procedure, orthodontic treatment involves a series of goals, obligations, limits and therapeutic risks. In order to diagnose and develop the treatment plan, the following paraclinical examinations are mandatory: study models, orthopantomography, profile teleradiography.

At Junior&Family Dental Center, orthodontic treatments are accompanied by complete information to provide patients or parents with all the characteristics of this type of treatment, to ensure that the treatment is carried out in good conditions. This means that for the treatment to be successful, the patient must assume a number of responsibilities.


  • maintaining perfect oral hygiene throughout the duration of the orthodontic treatment;
  • respecting the duration of the treatment: an orthodontic treatment lasts, on average, 2 years;
  • undertaking extractions for orthodontic purposes: following the clinical examination and paraclinical measurements, it may be necessary to extract some intact teeth to make room for the alignment of the front teeth;
  • reducing the consumption of sweets and hard or sticky foods.

At the end of the active orthodontic treatment, it is indicated to wear some retention devices. Contention is the stabilization of the results obtained following the treatment, to allow them to be maintained in the long term.

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