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Complete solutions for restoring the functions of the dento-maxillary apparatus through prosthetics with fixed prostheses or with mobile prostheses

At Junior&Family Dental Clinics, we offer solutions to restore the functions of the dento-maxillary apparatus through prosthetics with fixed prostheses (crowns, fixed dental bridges) or with mobile prostheses (skeletal prostheses, overprostheses, classic acrylic prostheses).

The price of a dental work depends on the type of prosthesis chosen or the treatment involved. The fixed cost of the dental prosthesis / crown varies from one patient to another and cannot be determined until the dentist has performed a thorough assessment.

We recommend that in these situations you do not hesitate to ask the doctor for information regarding the type of prosthesis, the materials used and the type of guarantee offered.

The prosthetic work is carried out taking into account the following aspects:

  • Aesthetics – the prosthetic work must integrate in shape, size and color with the other teeth;
  • Functionality and comfort – the prosthetic work must ensure correct mastication and, at the same time, not hinder the patient's ability to speak;
  • Strength and durability - the prosthetic work is made of quality materials to have as long a lifetime as possible.

There are several stages in making a dental prosthesis. After the impression made in the dental office, the plaster models, the mock-up and only finally the dental prosthesis follow. Making a dental prosthesis is a process that requires several checks so that the patient can enjoy the comfort, functionality and aesthetics of the dental work.

Collaboration and permanent communication with dentists are the factors that ensure the success of dental work.

Within the aesthetic analysis, for better communication with the patient and to obtain a satisfactory result, the use of final case preview techniques is indicated. That is why it is recommended to make a wax model, for demonstration, study or testing.

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