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The most common dental problem is carious lesions. At the consultation with the Junior&Family dentist, the exact location and severity of the caries will be established with the help of a probe and dental x-rays. Obturation is a method of reconstructing a tooth damaged by caries to restore its function and normal shape. In performing the obturation, first the affected dental tissue is removed, the area is cleaned, and then the cavity is plugged with obturation material. By sealing the spaces for the penetration of bacteria, the obturation can prevent the development of dental caries. The type of obturation required is determined by the dentist according to the medical history, the location of the cavity, the aesthetic needs, the chewing force applied to the respective tooth, as well as the characteristics of the obturation materials. The treatment of dental caries will follow:

  • removal of infected dental tissues;
  • preserving as much of the original tooth structure as possible;
  • prevention of future destruction of dental hard tissues;
  • prevention of complications in the dental pulp;
  • aesthetic and functional restoration of the tooth.

To stop the progress of caries, it is necessary for the patient to reduce the frequency of sugar consumption, harmful food products such as sweets or carbonated drinks. If you notice whitish or brown/dark spots on the surface of your teeth, don't delay until pain occurs or the tooth is completely infected.

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