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Direct dressing is an endodontic procedure by which the dental pulp is covered and bandaged with a non-irritating substance, with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, which fully maintains the vitality of the dental pulp.

This conservative procedure is implemented in the case of deep caries, with the pulp chamber open and aims to preserve the vitality of the tooth by stimulating the formation of new dentin to cover the pulp.

Direct dressing is an endodontic procedure recommended for teeth with a positive prognosis, developing teeth and when the pulpal exposure is small, clean and free of carious lesions.

Indirect dressing is the endodontic procedure used for deep caries where the removal of carious tissues would expose the pulp chamber. The dentist removes the infected dentin completely, but leaves the layer of dentin that is affected by decay to a lesser extent. Calcium hydroxide is applied to the floor of the cavity, then a temporary filling is applied, which will remain for a period of 3 months.

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