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Lifesaving treatment when complications of dental caries occur. When dental caries have penetrated the enamel and dentin and reach the dental pulp, what we call pulp infection or pulpitis occurs. Without proper treatment, pulp infections reach the tissue under the tooth, which will produce acute inflammation, infection, dental abscesses, or even infection and progressive resorption of the bone supporting the tooth, which equates to tooth loss.

Endodontic treatment is recommended for irreversible pulpitis and their complications in the periapical tissue: acute apical periodontitis or chronic apical periodontitis. Depending on the endodontist's training and experience, endodontic treatment can save the tooth from extraction and prevent complications that could occur in the tissues below the tooth. A correct endodontic treatment will include:

  •  Removal of dental pulp both from the pulp chamber and from the root canals;
  • Cleaning, disinfection and preparation of the pulp chamber and root canals with specific endodontic needles and irrigation solutions;
  • Optionally, if the pulp infection is severe, a specific medication can be inserted into the root canals for several weeks;
  • Sealing root canals with specific obturation materials.

If you have symptoms specific to pulpal diseases: acute pain and abscess, schedule a consultation at Junior&Family Dental Clinics now.

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