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Dental tartar represents an organo-mineral complex adhering to the dental surface or other solid oral structures such as prosthetic works or orthodontic appliances and results from the mineralization of bacterial plaque. Scaling is the procedure for removing tartar as well as microbial plaque and can be above or below the gums, the work being done manually, sonic or ultrasonically. Ultrasonic descaling Ultrasonic descaling is preferred by patients, being a modern and effective means of removing tartar, with a less traumatic action on dental structures. Ultrasonic descaling has beneficial results on oral health:

  • removal of supragingival tartar and colored spots deposited on the enamel surface;
  • preventing the appearance of bacteria on the tooth surface or periodontal disease;
  • removal of tartar from the gingival sulcus or superficial periodontal pockets.

Scaling is recommended once every six months, and for those wearing fixed prosthetic works and implants, once every four months.

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